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Message from the Chairperson


Dr. Jeong Young-Deuk Chairperson정용득

Taking much pride in its brilliantly rapid growth, we celebrated Gwangju University's 25st anniversary in 2015. Gwangju University is now acknowledged as the most prestigious private academy in Honam area.

it offers 49 master's and doctoral courses of the three graduate schools (including the Social Welfare Graduate School starting in March of 2002), and 58 undergraduate courses of 5 divisions and 5 departments. Especially, the dormitory, completed in 2000, outstands with the best facilities in the nation.

As appointed through the fair and transparent employment procedures, Gwangju University faculty members are all highly qualified scholars who are admired for their academic achievement and contribution to the community.

Also, our students are honoring the school with their excellent outcomes of various competitions.

My life has been devoted to the development of Gwangju University.

And, I see a bright future unfolding before us, for all of our professors, students, and staff members are dutifully carrying out their tasks and working in concert for the development of the school.

We will keep going further and do our best to make our school a home of the inspirational education for the new millennium. For this, all of my insights and wisdom will be devoted to the school as before.

Gwangju University is a young university that has unlimited possibilities. It will continually grow to be a university of worldwide reputation. I hope you will share a bright future and young dreams with open, young, Gwangju University.