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Graduate Schools

  • Graduate School of General studies
    • The Master's Course

      Dept. of Management, Dept. of Accounting, Dept. of Logistics and distribution management, Dept. of International Business & Commerce, Dept. of Real Estate & finance, Dept. of Life-long Education, Dept. of Hotel․Tourism management, Dept. of Police administration, Dept. of Law, Dept. of Administration, Dept. of Journalism and Communication, Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Dept. of Library & Information Sciences, Dept. of Creative Writing, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Dept. of Electronic Optical Communications Engineering, Dept. of Information & Communication Engineering, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Dept. of Architecture, Dept. of Architectural Engineering, Dept. of Urban Planning & Real Estate, Dept. of Design, Dept. of Clothing, Dept. of Photography, Dept. of Music, Dept. of Occupational Therapy

    • The Doctor's Course
      • Dept. of Management, Dept. of Lifelong Education, Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication, Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Dept. of Creative Writing, Dept. of Music, Dept. of Industrial Design
      • Interdisciplinary Program : Dept. of Tourism, Dept. PoliceㆍJurisdictionㆍPublic Administration, Dept. of Optical & Information Communications Technology
  • Graduate School of Social Welfare

    As the leaders in launching social welfare activities and educating social welfare specialists in the Gwangju and Jeonam area, the Graduate School of Social Welfare was reorganized to initiate the graduate courses in 2002, and now admits 45 students for the master's course and 5 students for the doctoral course. Graduate School of Social Welfare contribute greatly not only to the professional training of social workers, but also to the development of social welfare.

    • The Master' s Course
      • major of social policy, major of social work
    • The Doctor' s Course
      • major of policyㆍadministration, major of mental healthㆍmedical social work
      • major of the agedㆍfamily, major of childㆍyouth, major of rehabilitationㆍhandicap
  • Graduate School of Public health, Counseling and Policy

    The major challenges facing our country today are an aging population, globalization and public welfare. Our graduate school has ten majors that correlate with the current trends in our society. Our aim is to raise talented students who devote themselves to human health and happiness and always try to attain high goals and raise their own value with thorough professionalism. We utilize multiple educational practices that are designed to give students a deep foundation in both theory and practice. And we provide a high quality education through a student-oriented environment, excellent faculty members and expanded equipment for practical use.

    • The Master's Course
      • Dept. of Mass Communication / Dept. of Clinical and Counseling Psychology / Dept. of Healthcare Management / Dept. of TESOL / Department of Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language / Dept. of Public Administration / Dept of Speech & Language Pathology / Dept. of Nursing Science / Dept of Occupational Therapy / Dept of Alternative medicine