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Gwangju University supportsYour soaring ambition!

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A university is a birth place of innovation and creation for the new era.

This is Gwangju University thinking, languishing and carrying its philosophy into action. The university is proud of its energy and spirits taking a leading role for a new paradigm that will create jobs and businesses.

Gwangju University has been producing a great many talented men inheriting the philosophy of the founder Dr. In Gon, Kim since its foundation in 1980.

Gwangju University began as Gwangju Gyeongsang Junior College and was upgraded to a university producing 70,000 university men. The university has established itself as one of the prestigious leading private universities representing the areas.

With running of six colleges, custom curriculums, and three graduate schools, the university has played a key role enhancing the prestige of education.

The momentum of being one of the most prestigious leading private universities originated from honest and clear management.

Receiving high quality of education is one of students’ privileges and rights. Gwangju University never neglects its responsibilities for the students. The university is proud of its fair recruitment of professors.

Good professors, Good education. It’s the value Gwangju University has been cherishing.

Gwangju University is adapting to a changing and competitive world with great success.

Of course, changes are taking place everywhere. Gwangju University is leveraging such changes into opportunities and creating a new identity for itself in order to serve students and their futures.

Gwangju University offers courses for students and members of the community so that they can prepare for future careers, develop current occupations, or forge new life paths. We enable students to become competitive experts armed with not only advanced theories but also practical skills.

Thanks to the University’s bold response to changing times, it has been selected for three consecutive years to manage special projects funded by more than 20 national institutions. and has been ranked second among private universities in the area for three consecutive years.

Facing the challenges of the future head on, Gwangju University’s potential is unlimited.

The secret of this potential is the support for and hard work done by the university’s dedicated teachers and administrators.

Our spacious and pleasant school dormitory accommodates 2,000 students. Hosim Library offers comfortable learning facilities and thousands of books. It’s the kind of university found in a dream, a dream that will lead students and the community to a brighter future.

What are the most urgent needs for students? Gwangju University has been doing its best to help students find jobs and start businesses.

Dr. Kim Hyuk-Jong, President of Gwangju University, has developed a special strategy that has built a new and solid foundation for a modern competitive university. His vision has led the university to be the first institution in the country managing special programs for start-up business and supporting internship programs in cooperation with local and global businesses.

Job placement statistics demonstrate the University’s success. Gwangju University ranked first in employment rate (90.0%) in the DA group of Gwangju, Chonnam private universities in 2013, first (85.8%) in 2014, and first (91.9%) in 2015.

Gwangju University takes great and sincere responsibility for the welfare and learning of students from acceptance to graduation.

The University maintains relationships with over 700 businesses and connects students with corporations in many fields, such as industry, life-care, design and IT. Gwangju University is affiliated with over 60 prestigious universities around the world, and administers exchange programs and language learning curriculums to support international networks of education. The university helps students achieve their goals and make their dreams come true for a better world.


Let's meet the challenges of the future together. Let's succeed together at Gwangju University.

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