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Gwangju University supportsYour soaring ambition!

Attached Facilities

  • Gwangju University Library
  • Computer Center
  • University Newspaper·Educational Broadcasting Service
  • Institute of Human Resources Development
    • Center for Female Student Career Development
    • Job & Career support Center
    • Center for Student Counseling & health
  • Dormitory

    [Completed on November 18, 2000, the dormitory , Maewon Hall, is a building with 10 stories above and one under the ground (total floor space of 5,351 pyung) that accommodates over 1,200 people. Meeting the residents' needs in today's information society, every unit of the building is internet accessible. And the air-conditioning system keeps the whole building comfortable year-round long for the residents to study in a comfortable environment. It has various convenient facilities including a computer room, lounge, music hall, beauty salon, barbershop, laundry, fitness club, cafeteria, etc. As each floor has 3 units for foreign faculty members, the students have opportunities to speak in foreign languages with them. In February 2002, the second dormitory(Saimdang hall) for female students was completed to accommodate 800 students. The building has 9 stories above and 2 under the ground with a total floor space of 4,200 pyung. This new building has a state of the art internet system and an air-conditioning system like the first dormitory.]

  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • University Press
  • Reserve Troops Regiment
  • Gymnasium